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Using the BPC TileButton Control

This control allows you to create an animated tile, similar to the tiles present on the Windows Phone home screen.



You can use the TileButton with the following XAML :

<Bewise:TileButton ImageSource="/Views/thumbsup.png" Text="Thumbs up !" Click="TileButton_Click" />
The TileButton is a Button control, so you can use the Click event to add your code when the user clicks on it. If you want a better user experience, don’t forget to enable the Tilt effect, using the Silverlight control toolkit.


A TileButton contains 3 main properties :

ImageSource : the image to be displayed

Text : The main text, displayed above the image

Description : a longer text

The animations between Text and Image, and the flip to show the Description will only be played if necessary. If you don’t set the 3 properties, the animation supposed to show it won’t play.

By default, the Text is white, and the background is the Phone Accent Color, you can change these values by setting the Foreground and the Background properties.

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guillaumelac Feb 22, 2012 at 9:55 AM 
Hi Thomas,
we found the bug and corrected it, we will update the library today.

Reimelt Jan 18, 2012 at 5:24 PM 
The TileButton works fine, but if I try to use it inside of a ListView, it is always empty and not visible. Even if I don´t use binding. Isn´t it possible to use the button inside a ListView?