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Project Description
These toolkit host a collection of controls, components and utilities for Windows Phone developers, both on Silverlight and XNA. Provided by Bewise.

To download the Bewise Phone Controls, you can now use NuGet ! Search “Bewise Phone Controls” in the NuGet gallery, or type the following NuGet command line :

PM> Install-Package BewisePhoneControls


What's inside


Controls in the set:

  • TileButton

A button with a template similar to the default Windows Phone tiles


  • Orderable List

A control used to reorder items from a databound list, with a great user experience


  • Jump List

  • VolumeGrid

    This control allow you to display multiple grin in a 3d polygon. This could be a replacement for the pivot control.

  • Rating control

  • Facebook connectors

A controls you can use to connect to facebook, download friend list, and publish on your wall.

  • Infinite List

A listbox designed to allow you to load more items when the user scrolls to its end

  • TransitioningPage
  • Google requests
  • Flag Control
  • Search Box


  • ItemObservableCollection : A collection that allows to watch the changes mades on the collection and on the items themselves.
  • PumpList


  • BoolToVisibilityConverter
  • BoolToVisibilityInverseConverter 
  • StringToUpperConverter
  • StringToLowerConverter


Requirements :

  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools - RTM

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